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Digitizing Architecture: Formalization & Content
The Fourth International Conference of The Arab Society for Computer Aided Architectural Design
(ASCAAD 2009)

Organized by
Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture
College of Engineering
University of Bahrain
Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
11-12 May 2009

CAAD is constantly provoking and raising many potentials, challenges and arguments in academia, practice, and even in the theory of architecture itself. This process starts with the pedagogy of designing and the ongoing questions such as how much of CAAD should be incorporated in teaching, and ends with digital design technologies and the new emerging questions such as how biologically inspired computational processes alter the form of our architecture and the typical design process.
Architecture originates from peoplesââ,¬â,,¢ needs and beliefs. The new forms of digital architecture generate debates in terms of various important issues, ranging from emotional and social factors to sustainability and global warming.
The focus area of the conference can be shaped, as follows: considering all these potentials, challenges, and arguments, which we have to benefit from and cope with, are there truly legitimate concerns about the future of our architecture and its content in particular from human and environmental dimensions? Can we develop our own ways of benefiting from the new technology that cater for our environment and culture? Can we still see the form of architecture in the traditional way or should we change our
perspectives? In other words the conference concentrates on bridging between the new
digital forms and the traditional human content.

Conference Areas
The conference calls for submissions of papers on the following areas including but not limited to the following:
3D Modelling Systems
Artificial Life.
CAAD Curriculum: education, research and practice
Computer-Aided Manufacturing
Creative Visualisation
Design Methods and Representations
Digital Design Tools
Digital Fabrication
Generative Forms
Generative Systems
Human-Computer Interaction
Information Visualization
Intelligent Design and Case Reasoning
Parametric Design
Shape Grammar
Simulation and Virtual Prototyping
Synthetic Methods of 3D Visualisation
Systems for Collaborative Design
Urban City Modelling
Virtual Environment and Knowledge Management
Virtual Reality
Web-Based Design and Networking
Important Dates
First Call for papers Thursday 25 September 2008
Reminder of call for papers before deadline
submission Wednesday 15 October 2008
Deadline for abstracts submission Thursday 20 November 2008
Notification of abstract acceptance Monday 15 December 2008
Full paper submission Friday 30 January 2009
Notification of full paper acceptance Sunday 15 March 2009
Dates of the Conference Monday-Tuesday 11-12 May 2009

Submission and Languages
Two types of papers could be submitted. Long papers that describe well-developed or completed research should be about 16 pages including the images (about 7000 words). Short papers that describe research in progress should be about 7 pages including the images (about 3000 words). All papers (long and short) will undergo international blind reviews and should not contain any information that may identify the author(s) and their institution(s). Abstract submission must be in English with no more than 700 words. Full paper submission could be either in English or Arabic (no translation provided). Submissions should be sent in Word Document Format, using the ASCAAD paper formatting guidelines or template.

Organizing Committee
Dr. Wael Abdelhameed wael.abdelhameed@gmail.com
Dr. Hashim Al-Madani madanihshm@eng.uob.bh
Prof. Dr. Sina Berkoz sberkoz@eng.uob.bh
Dr. Mohamed Al-Koheji alkoheji2000@yahoo.co.uk
Dr. Ali Abdul-Raof alialraouf@yahoo.com
Dr. Mohsen Al-Alawi malalawi@eng.uob.bh
Dr. Ranjith Dayaratne ranjithd1@hotmail.com
Department of
Civil Engineering and
College of Engineering,
University of Bahrain
Scientific Committee
Committee co-chairs:
Dr Wael Abdelhameed Dr Neveen Hamza Dr Amar Bennadji
Assistant Professor
College of Engineering
University of Bahrain
School of Architecture, Planning and
Newcastle University, UK
School of Architecture and Built
The Robert Gordon University, UK

Please visit the conference website http://www.ascaad.org/conference/2009/ for more information