Lean and Green: The Sustainability Path in a Tough Economy

Started by half, May 17, 2009, 05:04:09 PM

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Begins  May 27, 2009
Begins  May 27, 2009
City  Boston, MA, USA
Email  kevin@academicimpressions.com
URL  http://www.academicimpressions.com/conferences/0509-sustainability.php?q=2792v274891yT
Venue  Hyatt Regency Cambridge

Institutions of higher education and their students are becoming more aware of their collective impact on the environment. In addition, recent economic concerns combined with new administration and leadership in our government has created a push for more sustainable campuses and businesses. Some schools are committing to achieve carbon neutrality; others are promoting sustainability by greening buildings and operations, promoting recycling, and educating their students, faculty, and staff on sustainable lifestyles.

The benefits of achieving sustainability include mitigation of rising energy costs and meeting changing student expectations in an increasingly competitive marketplace. However, a truly sustainable campus can only be achieved comprehensivelyââ,¬â€œit must include institution-wide support and address sustainable practices from a multi-departmental perspective. This conference will offer sustainability coordinators and those charged with organizing sustainability efforts across campus the skills to create a roadmap for promoting a culture of sustainability on your campus.

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